Favourite archive photos - about me

Age 5 -  This photo was taken at our home, Spring


Age 6 -  The same place
1 year later, Summertime


Age 5 -  Carefully checking out a screw on an old metal structure, in a Museum of Science, Technology and Transport

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Age 4 - Building a crane model from a “metal constructor” kit


Age 7 - Creative electronic experiment with metal foil and batteries  

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Age 7 -  First working transistor MW radio receiver – constructed from KIT

It was a fun to build it !



Age 10 - practicing - drawing an electronic schematics by template


Family - early archive photos

Parents, Father at work as a mariner captain on a cargo ship and mother, photos were taken around 1956


2015 –  Father in his marine captain uniform - He was a marine captain from mid 1950 and had been served on many different cargo ships for decades. My mother has been organising venues and events for long time.  


With father and grandfather at our home - photo late 90`s


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Family photo of father and mother in early 2000


Electronics, business, Studies

I was a private student at elementary school from class 1- 4. From class 5 -8 I had a fortune to participate in an increased level of studies in an elementary school. Music, history of modern and ancient arts, painting arts, and a decent level of electronics / mechanics were additionally taught.

With these skills and knowledge, I decided to continue studies in a 4 year terms technical high school, where I could gain professional knowledge for profession of mechanics and electronics technician. The level of education was high, there were extended mathematics, mechanics, electronics theory and long term different workshop and laboratory practice also. I cold finish studies there  with fully successful exams (top level).

The top successful exams at high school in mid 80`s  gained me almost maximum points for a  successful application into an University level studies.  So I could continue to get a

Bachelor of Science in electronics (Bsc), radio -television engineering technology and industrial engineering management. I finished studies with a quite good result.


Straight after that, an electronics company “found” me, and I was employed for developing switch mode miniature power supplies and DC/DC converters for special purposes. In those times, there was a high demand for repair latest Radio / TV and HI-FI audio appliances. Due to my education, I become successful very fast in this field and shortly established my first business. Since beginning of 90`s, I worked only as a private entrepreneur and later continued the same activity within company forms.

For my work, it was necessary to complete a Bachelor of Science in general software, database and computer engineering in 2004. With these knowledge, I could professionally and effectively deal with software and hardware at my business.

From 2010  I added professional maintenance / repair of LCD monitor and LCD TV, notebook and compact digital camera into ”palette” of  my business. From 2013 I started international web shops and had been selling various vintage spare parts. Later I developed own electronics products and these unique conductive rubber products for electronic musical instruments and MIDI controller keyboards. This also were added into the choice of offered products.
My own developed products can be seen at
www.attilasebo.net  and

Currently I am composing music track as well, mostly ambient, epic and space music tracks under name  attilasebomusic. Published music tracks can be listened here: attilasebomusic RELEASES.
Also creating abstract artworks, HDR macro tech photos.


Latest photos

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Various recent photos about me, and activity


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Age 18 - After the successful High School Graduation Exam.
Me with the Mathematics Department Chair

This is a picture of me
at seboelektronik -



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Paintings featured in music tracks
 ©  Grandfailure ,   © Liuzishan
© outsiderzone , © Attila Sebo
 © 3000ad  
©  Helen Ilnytska

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