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Background artwork and image animation is also a part of a music composition. Artworks are made by different techniques, usually a template / pose image used and modified with different application as Corel draw, Corel Painter, Painter 5, Krita, Gimp and hand painting with touch sensible drawing tablet. Below a typical result can be seen.

Attila has released a new ambient / relaxing music track with female vocal - Ethereal Wisdom
Below is a screen of the favorite DAW - Zynewave Podium and music production arsenal for recording and mixing this music. The image on the right is the background artwork. See more at RELEASES page

This is a normal view  for mixing  tracks.  Different DAW is being used for recording and mixing.
But sometimes recording and mixing are made in same application depends on the nature of  the work.
 Below a different DAW can be seen for mixing. The recording was made in Podium.  

Video editing: Favorite video editor allows  export into various video formats and compression rates, very flexible. Some video files require video effects or titles need to be added.  

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Paintings featured in music tracks
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